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We work with our members, not just to meet their financial service needs, but to enable dreams and aspirations.

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The Western United Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited (WESCU) is an amalgamation between two (2) Financial Co-operatives, Cocorite/St. James Credit Union and South East Port of Spain Credit Union (with approximately 100 years of Co-operative Caring), which took place on Friday, January 12, 2004, bringing the two (2) Credit Unions together to improve its Membership Care toward its members and the Community.

With the embodiment of the Co-operative values and principles, philosophy, and its focus on the holistic growth and development of people, WESCU is committed to giving its members and the wider community the confidence and tools to live a holistically beneficial life through an improved standard of living and an improved standard of life.


Partnering for Positive Change

WESCU is passionately intentional about changing the lives of its membership through partnership and self-introspection guided by patience, encouragement, a synergistic collaboration of all parties, and an inherent determination and a passionate commitment to assisting all members to know themselves, have self-control, and to give themselves the gift/power of self-discipline for the achievement of financial stability through wealth creation and the possibility to leave a legacy for their loved ones. 

WESCU, recognizes the importance of its membership and the wider community (humanity) to truly live their truest authentic selves and that this can only be achieved by a change in the mindset and behaviour of individuals.


Our Commitment to You

So, WESCU, is committed to working with each and every person individually, helping them to prioritize for holistic greatness through self-awareness, the consciousness to be guided by wisdom and not emotions, by gaining the independent will to rewrite their life’s story based on principles and not to be controlled by one’s emotions, mood, or current circumstances, and to embody their creative imagination which would propel them beyond their current situation to attain the unseen realities of greatness that surrounds us all.

Be ever mindful that WESCU provides a safe environment for your hard-earned money and we are committed to lifting our members out of poverty and a sense of hopelessness by continuously making a holistic contribution to their future.

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