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Shares is the gateway to the realization of your unseen realities.

Invest in Shares

The purchasing of shares automatically affords you the credential to become a member and part owner of this dynamic and life changing organization, which gives the assurance of a safe and secure environment for all to invest their hard earned money.


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Features & Benefits

Shares attract free CUNA insurance coverage paid by your Credit Union, dividends in the times of economic surpluses, and they give both social and economic well-being and confidence and allows for the creation of generational wealth, and the ability to leave a legacy/heritage for your family where you may not have otherwise been able to achieve.  SHARES is the beginning to financial security and happiness! 

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  • No monthly service fees
  • Lump sum payments without penalty
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The Process

1. Check your eligibility

There are a few eligibility requirements you should be aware of before applying for a Entrepreneurial Deposit Account.

2. Apply online

It should take about 5 minutes. You will need proof of ID and all current financial information.

3. Approvals

Once approved, you will receive your account info and online access.

4. Access your money

Your loan is paid into your WESCU bank account. You can also view repayment details online and on our mobile banking app.


You must be at least 18 years of age
Be a permanent resident of Trinidad & Tobago
Receive a regular income
Have not been bankrupt or insolvent in the last five years

What will you need:

An email address and contact number
Existing WESCU member number (If you're already a member)
Valid driver's licence or passport details
Employment and income details
Details of your assets, expenses and liabilities

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