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Debt Consolidation

Let’s help you make things easier by consolidating your debt or simply refinancing your existing loan.

Are you over burdened with debt? Debt that seems to frustrate and depress you.

Well at WESCU we are concerned about both your mental and financial well-being, therefore let us help you reposition your finances with our Debt Consolidation Loans. 

‌These loans are geared to restore your peace of mind and financial dignity with a monthly interest rate of 1.25% on the reducing balance, and if you are 50 years and over you will enjoy a reduced rate of 1% per month on the reducing balance.

So, call us today and regain your sense of financial pride and dignity with WESCU’S Debt Consolidation Loans.


‌All Lending Criteria Apply…

Consolidate your debt with a personal loan from WESCU

Managing multiple debt payments can be tough. At WESCU we can help you take control.

Consolidating your debts under one personal loan gives you one clear repayment schedule and with a competitive interest rate you may come out ahead and pay your debts off sooner.




Features & Benefits

  • Flexible repayment option
  • No monthly service fees
  • Lump sum payments without penalty
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Check Your Eligibility

Review our membership requirements 


1. Two Valid forms of picture ID i.e., Passport / National Identification Card / Driver’s Permit.
2. Recent job Letter (not more than 3 months old).
3. Most recent Salary Slip (1 slip for monthly paid, 2 consecutive slips for fortnightly paid and 4 consecutive slips for weekly paid).
4. Recent Utility Bill not more than 3 months old i.e., T&TEC / TSTT / WASA / Cable (if utility bill is not in applicant’s name, a letter of authorization must be provided by owner with a copy of owner’s ID).
5. Enrollment fee $120.00

Minor / Student Applicants

1. Minor’s Electronic Birth Certificate
2. Copy of Passport or National Identification where applicable.
3. Letter from Technical / Vocational / Tertiary Institutions confirming enrollment to institutions for student applicants who have completed secondary level education.
4. Two Valid forms of picture ID i.e., Passport / National Identification Card / Driver’s Permit for Parent/Guardian.
5. Enrollment fee $120.00.

Self-Employed Applicants

‌(All items listed in Adults Section above along with the following)
1. Registration documents for registered business.
2. A statement of financial position for businesses operating for 1 year.
3. 12-Month cash flow projection for new business.
4. Opening Balance sheet for new business.
5. Proof of Training or Experience by Certification where applicable in the proposed business area.
6. Enrollment fee $120.00

Next steps

If you are in possession of the above requirements, and you are ready to join WESCU, simply follow these steps.

Download the Membership Application form below.
Fill out the form and print it.
Bring the filled out printed form, along with the corresponding requirements identified above to WESCU’S Office Situated at #40 Fitt Street, Woodbrook.

Need Assistance?

‌Please fill out our Membership Pre-Application Form below, and you will be invited to our next Zoom Meeting. 

‌The virtual meeting forum is an opportunity for you to Learn about our services, benefits to you, and to assist with your membership application. All your questions and concerns will be answered in realtime😉

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